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Cosmic Barrage 2/1

Price: $49.54
Product ID : 12476
Manufacturer: AFW


Product is out of stock
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Product Details
Category: 500 gram repeater
Case Packing: 2 pieces per case
Number of Shots: 20 shots
Duration: 25 seconds (Average)
Type: Straight Fire
Effects: Dahlia, Crackling Mines, Glitter, Brocade
Colors: Multi-color
Retail Price: $100.00 per piece
Case Price: $49.54
Item Number: 12476
Manufacturer: AFW


5 shots at a time
Row 1 & 3: Shot 1 & 5 - Red, lemon & blue dahlia with gold glittering breaks (left & right);
                 Shot 2 & 4 - Red, lemon & blue dahlia with crackling mines;
                       Shot 3 - Large brocade with red stars and white strobe (center);
Row 2: Shot 1 & 5 - Yellow, purple and green dahlia with red glitter breaks (left & right);
           Shot 2 & 4 - Red, green and purple dahlia with crackling mines;
                 Shot 3 - Large brocade with green stars and white strobe (center);
Row 4: Shot 1 & 5 - Red, green and purple dahlia with white strobe breaks (left & right);
           Shot 2 & 4 - Red, green and purple dahlia with crackling mines;
                 Shot 3 - Large brocade with blue stars and white strobe (center).    

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by dipthekid
07/30/2020 - 09:18:20 PM
Only one issue
I love this cake. Getting the 3 tiered effect from one cake is awesome! It's a complete cake. The only thing I wish I could change is the big gaps in between volleys. The crown was trying to clap between each set because it was an awkward amount of black sky. I'd see if I could speed it up a little bit... But maybe that's just me.
Reviewed by pyroman6000
07/07/2019 - 01:52:56 PM
Pimpdaddee is 100% correct. THIS is the sort of cake I used to drive several hours to WFBoom for!!! Gorgeous effects done in interesting ways. I was totally bummed to see they no longer import Glorious- who specialized in that-but very glad to see AFW picking up the torch.

EVERYONE does huge and loud, but not everyone does stuff like this. Get it- your crowd will be amazed, and your show will stand out from others'. Just don't make the mistake of tossing it in with a bunch of other stuff- the effect would be lost. (and for extra bonus points, don't tell anyone it was 1 cake- let em think you set it up and pulled that effect off, lol)
Reviewed by pimpdaddee28
04/14/2019 - 05:59:46 AM
Very nice pattern!!
This cake reminds me a lot of cakes like "Slam Dunk" by Mad Ox and WF Boom even used to carry a cake called Dynasty which was also similar. I'm glad to see this type of cake (3 level/layered cake) back in their inventory. This cake can definitely be used as a finale piece, especially if you plan to use finale cakes with it. You'd probably have to have at least 1 or 2 cases of this cake though if you really want it to stand out.

Definitely worth it though!!
Reviewed by jaime
02/23/2019 - 08:33:13 PM
jaime foster
I love this cake, pair it with buzzards roost fills the sky, or paid with solar eruption just awesome crowd went wild with both. great job AFW.
Reviewed by Noodlewolf
07/01/2018 - 08:59:31 PM
I wish I would have times it better, but this along with Archer's revenge was used for my two cake finale. Even not being times right the two cakes we're amazing together. I might have to use the same two next year. The price might just be the best part about this cake too.
Reviewed by RUGER45AUTO
04/18/2018 - 07:50:29 PM
This cake is huge, and is a great value..