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Power 6 Assortment 4/1

Price: $115.99
Product ID : 22015
Manufacturer: AFW


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Product Details
Category: Assorted Cases
Sub-Category: 500 Gram Repeaters
Case Packing: 4 pieces per case
Case Contents: 1 pc. Warhead; 1 pc. Shrapnel; 1 pc. Bring the Rain; 1 pc High Caliber
Case Price: $115.99
Item Number: 220015
Manufacturer: AFW
Number of Shots: 24 shots
Duration: 26 seconds (Average)
Type: Angled
Effects: Brocade, Mines, Glitter, Crackling, Dragon Eggs
Colors: Gold, Red, White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
Retail Price: $90.00
Number of Shots: 24 shots
Duration: 26 seconds (Average)
Type: Angled
Effects: Brocade Mines, Dahlia, Glittering, Willow, Crackling
Colors: Gold, Silver, Purple, Green, Blue
Retail Price: $90.00
Bring the Rain:
Number of Shots: 24 shots
Duration: 26 seconds (Average)
Type: Angled
Effects: Brocade Mines, Stars, Brocade Crown, Glitter, Crackling, Chrysanthemum
Colors: Gold, Blue, Silver, Red, Green
Retail Price: $90.00
High Caliber:
Number of Shots: 24 shots
Duration: 26 seconds (Average)
Type: Angled
Effects: Brocade Mines, Glitter, Willow, Crackling, Chrysanthemum
Colors: Gold, Red, Silver
Retail Price: $90.00


500 gram repeater assortment containing:

Warhead: 1 piece

Brocade mine to brocade; Red to white glitter; Yellow coconut to green glitter; Red glitter to blue; Purple coconut to crackling rain; Brocade to dragon eggs.

Shrapnel: 1 piece

Brocade mines to: Crimson dahlia to silver glittering willow; Purple dahlia to green glittering willow; Blue dahlia to silver crackling willow.

Bring the Rain: 1 piece

Brocade mines with blue stars to: Silver brocade crown to red glitter; Silver brocade crown to green glitter; Silver brocade crown to crackling chrysanthemum.

High Caliber: 1 piece

Brocade mines with red glitter to: Gold willow to silver glitter; Gold willow to red glitter; Gold willow to crackling chrysanthemum.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Pyro79
07/06/2020 - 11:10:41 AM
Hard to believe
The videos sold me on buying a case. When I picked the case, I was a little surprised by how small the box was to contain four 500g fan cakes. Then the cakes themselves aren't like full size 500g cakes. BUT, they are great. All four have a nice wide fan. My crowd loved them. I will definitely but again!