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16000 String 1/16000

Price: $69.99
Product ID : 01045
Manufacturer: Orion


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Retail Price: N/A

Performance: 16,000 firecrackers all fused together. Lasts about 16 minutes.

Exclusive Orion Item.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Raymond
07/06/2013 - 01:23:12 AM
Get a broom!!!
I unrolled about half of it and left the other half still rolled up. If your lighting it on a street or sidewalk it makes a hell of a mess. We recorded it at about 8 minutes, and when the fuse hit the left over roll of about 8,000 firecrackers it was almost deafening, and the amount of smoke was almost comical. 8 minutes of constant noise followed by 20 minutes of cleanup. No doubt I'll get these again and maybe even 2!