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16000 String 1/16000

Price: $84.99
Product ID : 01045
Manufacturer: Mighty Max


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Retail Price: N/A

Performance: 16,000 firecrackers all fused together. Lasts about 4-8 minutes.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by n3oqo
n3oqo bought "16000 String 1/16000" on our website
05/10/2019 - 06:48:19 PM
It's a crowd pleaser!
Lay it out in a long string, leave some piles and a big one at the end. Make sure everyone is back about 20 feet or so because they fly. Loud as hell, great for small backyards!! This will be part of our 4th again!
Reviewed by Raymond
07/06/2013 - 01:23:12 AM
Get a broom!!!
I unrolled about half of it and left the other half still rolled up. If your lighting it on a street or sidewalk it makes a hell of a mess. We recorded it at about 8 minutes, and when the fuse hit the left over roll of about 8,000 firecrackers it was almost deafening, and the amount of smoke was almost comical. 8 minutes of constant noise followed by 20 minutes of cleanup. No doubt I'll get these again and maybe even 2!