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30" Magic Whip 60/6

Product ID : 08035
Price: $87.63


Product is out of stock

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Retail Price: 1 PC- $6.50

Contains: 6 pieces

Performance: 30 inches of gold crackling excitement.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by oldpunker
09/02/2014 - 08:47:21 PM
Fun Stuff, not fuse.
I used MW's as fuse for a small show for a friend's BD. What worked timed out well, but had a couple failures of the MW. If you want reliability, stick with safety fuse. They are fun to play with. I like them better than firecrackers.
Reviewed by tinymaggets
07/10/2014 - 05:22:21 PM
Simply the BEST firework
Still using rolls of fire crackers. Wake up, step up, to Magic Whips. "Especially" If you have young children. MJ's are not as loud as FC's..(THE POP OF A FC CAN AND WILL DAMAGE YOUNG EAR DRUMS) They did mine. So if you enjoy cleaning all that FC paper. Crackers leave behind. In your yard and the neighbors. (don't forget about the wind) Keep on buying fire crackers. With 900 feet of MW's in a case. Tie them together. You can double, triple, and knot them. To enhance the effect. MW's can be snaking up and down all over the street. Funny MW's look like snakes and act like snakes. MW's Will stain pavement but, not as bad as snakes. The best thing is NO CLEAN UP. They leave some ash behind. A little wind and rain all is good. I've used Mw's as fuse. Works well with Roman Candles. Hang a bunch of MW's (lots of them) on a line. Lite all at once. Gives a nice crackling waterfall effect. Have fun with them. Like Tony always says "their great". I rate Magic Whips all the stars in the universe.....BE Safe, mike P.S. How's that Jack