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12 Shot Rack 1/1

Product ID : 25010
Price: $65.00


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*Please note that our 6 shot and 12 shot racks DO NOT come preloaded with any type of shell.*

Retail Price: N/A

Dimensions: 2” inside diameter, 1.5” plug, 12.25” inside tube height and 13.75” outside tube height.

Contains: 12 shot reloadable rack with DR11 HDPE pipe.

Each rack comes with 2 pieces of ½” X 2 foot rebar used to run through metal guide holes on the sides of the racks to secure to the ground. The metal guide holes are offset so that the racks can be inter connected.

These racks are designed to be used with our premium shells:

Spirit of Liberty, Asian Deuces, Quads, Aces, Full Boat, Mortar Attack, Full Monty, Commander in Chief, Electric Rain, Sky Warrior Art. Shell, Fixin to Fire, Continuum, Ultimatum, Big Attitude & Fortress Strong Hold.

They are not to be used with the following because of shell size or fuse length:

Festival Balls, American Brave, Whistling Blaster, Artillery Shell, Ninja Artillery Shell, Asian Fab Five, Power Load Shell, Ammo Bomber, Nukem, Crackling Artillery

12 Shot Rack does NOT qualify for any case discounts or retail promotions/specials!

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