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5 Ball Roman Candle Assorted 18/4

Price: $114.28
Product ID : 20071
Manufacturer: Firehawk


Product is out of stock
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Retail Price: 1 PC- $24.00

Contains: 4 roman candles

Performance: 18 inch assorted candles with multi colors and effects.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by mccomasstef
mccomasstef bought "5 Ball Roman Candle Assorted 18/4" on our website
07/31/2018 - 10:24:56 PM
Good replacement for the Crazy Aces or Galactic Rainbow Candles
I always have liked the more expensive big boar roman candles. I was sad to not be able to get Galactic's back on my 2017 order so I ordered these instead. It wasn't no Galactic but they are very similar to Crazy Aces. All have good burst and perform as good as the video shown here. I'm sorry to hear that the 2018 version was a stinker but there's always an inconsistent run every now and than. Have WFboom quality dept. contacted and they will look into this matter.
Reviewed by RokSalt
07/13/2018 - 03:41:55 PM
No Stars?
I have to agree with tate below, the 2018 packaged ones just didnt have any stars and some of the breaks were weak. I give this 3 stars because the crackling tail candle was awesome and the lift on these are very loud which is nice. The crackling break also performed about 3/5.
Reviewed by tatebeck
tatebeck bought "5 Ball Roman Candle Assorted 18/4" on our website
07/09/2018 - 03:26:59 PM
Almost no burst to these at all (for the 3 that are supposed to have them). The stars practically just fell out of the insert after being fired (sad, drooping breaks). I tried to order these last year and they were sold out so I ordered two cases this year just in case. Now I am stuck with one and a half cases of these suckers. I couldn't even use these up in my racks because the fuses were pitifully short on over half of these, making fusing them up a real pain (having to cut away some cardboard on some to even get a hold on these. Were these every really good before???
Reviewed by btom
07/12/2017 - 03:25:05 PM
Do Not Hold In Your Hand!
These Roman candles are not to be messed with, they competed with some of my lower quality artillery shells. I fused 5 of them up together and the effect was sweet. I will be ordering two cases next year, defientley.