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5 Ball Roman Candle Assorted 18/4

Product ID : 20071
Price: $104.99


Product is out of stock

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Retail Price: 1 PC- $20.00

Contains: 4 roman candles

Performance: 18 inch assorted candles with multi colors and effects.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by RokSalt
07/13/2018 - 03:41:55 PM
No Stars?
I have to agree with tate below, the 2018 packaged ones just didnt have any stars and some of the breaks were weak. I give this 3 stars because the crackling tail candle was awesome and the lift on these are very loud which is nice. The crackling break also performed about 3/5.
Reviewed by tatebeck
tatebeck bought "5 Ball Roman Candle Assorted 18/4" on our website
07/09/2018 - 03:26:59 PM
Almost no burst to these at all (for the 3 that are supposed to have them). The stars practically just fell out of the insert after being fired (sad, drooping breaks). I tried to order these last year and they were sold out so I ordered two cases this year just in case. Now I am stuck with one and a half cases of these suckers. I couldn't even use these up in my racks because the fuses were pitifully short on over half of these, making fusing them up a real pain (having to cut away some cardboard on some to even get a hold on these. Were these every really good before???
Reviewed by btom
07/12/2017 - 03:25:05 PM
Do Not Hold In Your Hand!
These Roman candles are not to be messed with, they competed with some of my lower quality artillery shells. I fused 5 of them up together and the effect was sweet. I will be ordering two cases next year, defientley.