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Ring Rocket 15/6

Product ID : 04184
Price: $119.49


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Retail Price: 1 PC- $30.00

Contains: 6 rockets

Performance: Assorted ring rockets in poly bag.

2 pcs.- Lemon ring with crackling pistil.

1 pc.- Purple ring with crackling pistil.

2 pcs.- Green and purple rings.

1 pc.- Blue and lemon rings.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by starvin_marvin
06/20/2015 - 07:07:38 PM
Nice Ring Effect With Decent Loud Breaks!!
I did a comparison of these AFW Ring Rockets along with another pack of Ring Rockets by a different brand and let me tell you, these AFW brand of Ring Rockets won by a landslide!! The breaks were louder and wider and they actually looked like rings when they broke, which was not the case with the other brand of Ring Rockets. Plus, these had more variety in terms of effects.

These rockets aren't in the same class as the Mars Rockets or the Thunder & Lightning Rockets in terms of power, but that's not what Ring Rockets are for. I would compare these rockets more so with other rockets that have unique effects, such as smiley face rockets. Even though they have a unique effect, these rockets still have very nice breaks overall.