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  • Angle Effect
    Aerial repeaters that have rows of tubes that fire left, right and straight up, either separately or in combination.  Also known as “W” firing. 
  • Bouquet
    Generic term for a spherical fireworks burst.
  • Break
    Term for when an aerial shell opens up sending out its effects.
  • Brocade
    Large spherical display of color dripping down with very fine, soft, long lasting trails of color. Usually silver or gold.
  • Burst
    Another term for when an aerial shell opens up sending out its effects.
  • Chrysanthemum
    A dense, flower like fireworks display that is spherical shaped. The stars leave trails as they expand outward.
  • Comet
    Like an aerial shell but does not burst into a display. Instead it leaves a thick trail of sparks into the air eventually burning itself out.
  • Crackling
    Many loud popping/banging noises one after another.
  • Crossette
    Aerial shell that when it breaks, four stars are propelled outward in a cross or “plus sign +” shape.
  • Dahlia
    This floral break is close to a peony but with fewer, bigger and longer lasting stars.
  • Display
    Another term for when an aerial shell opens up sending out its effects.
  • Dragon Eggs
    Heavy duty display of crackling effect.
  • Effects
    Term for what visual and audible performances fireworks produce.
  • Falling Leaf
    Effect when stars fall slowly down in a rocking back and forth method as a leaf falling down out of a tree.
  • Fanned
    Effect in multi shot repeaters where a whole row of angled (left and right) and straight tubes fire at once filling the sky with color. This effect is usually at least 5 shots to give that “fanned” across the sky effect.
  • Finale
    Term used for the final and usually most intense part of a fireworks show. Individual fireworks sometimes have a sped up ending such as a 25 shot repeater shooting 20 shots at normal pace then the last 5 speed up or shoot at once.
  • Fish
    This aerial effect is when little specks of light swarm around in the air and propel themselves outward, as a school of fish would when startled. This effect is also described by size of effect from smallest to largest: bees, fish, and dragons.
  • Glittering
    Bright twinkling points of color within firework effects.
  • Lava Effect
    Relatively new effect for fountains. The color sprays out in “globs” of bright almost neon colors. Also known as “multi-color flaming balls”.
  • Layer Effect
    In repeaters that have this, effects are displayed at different levels. For example, color mines near the ground, some firecrackers mid way up and then large color displays at the top.
  • Mine
    This is an aerial effect that starts at the ground sending up a column of burning stars and effects into the sky.
  • Multi Blooming Crackling
    Very intense, wide spread crackling effect. Usually occurs after the color stars burn out in a display, the entire area the color was will be filled with this crackling barrage.
  • Multi Break Shells
    These shells go up as a single unit, but within are separate firework bursts that are timed to go off one after another.
  • Multi color
    Generic term used to describe firework effects containing 3 or more colors.
  • Palm
    An aerial display that resembles the large leaves hanging down from a palm tree. A palm shell that has a large tail going up will resemble the tree trunk and those are called Palm Trees.
  • Pearl
    A ball of color that flies through the air which will burn itself out upon reaching maximum height.
  • Peony
    A flower-like fireworks display that is spherical shaped. The stars do not leave trails as they expand outward.
  • Pistil
    Small color or effect display in the center of a larger color display.
  • Quick Fire (QF)
    In repeaters, the last few or row of shots will be sped up to create a small finale for that piece.
  • Report
    Loud “bang” sound.
  • Ring Shell
    When this shell breaks, it forms a circle of color stars and expands outward.
  • Scrambling Comet
    Visually similar as a ground based comet, these comets are contained in an aerial shell and when the shell breaks these bright comets take off and fly in different directions.
  • Simultaneous Finale (SF)
    In repeaters, this has the entire last row or two of shots going off at the same time.
  • Spinner
    Like a ground spinner but these are contained in aerial shells. When the shell breaks, these spinners ignite and spin off in different directions. Also called hummers, humming jacks, and tourbillions.
  • Step Cake
    A type of repeater, usually 500 gram, which shoots rapidly back & forth from left to right and right to left. A step cake has many tubes per row giving a full fan of shots into the air. The shots start on one side then “step up” to the center straight up shots and back down to the other side.
  • Strobe
    Bright flashing stars that blink on and off repeatedly in aerial displays.
  • Swirling Tail
    Usually thick colored tail twirling into the air in a corkscrew fashion.
  • Tail
    Trail of color or effects a shell leaves behind as it travels upward into the sky.
  • V Shaped
    Similar to angled or “W” firing, V shaped firing takes out the straight center shot and only fires to the left and right.
  • Waterfall
    An aerial shell with a very light break charge that allows the stars (usually gold) to open slowly and gracefully cascade downwards giving the appearance of a waterfall.
  • Wave
    Large, full gold/silver willow type effect with colored stars streaming through the gold/silver.
  • Whistle
    High pitched screaming effect often seen in fountains and repeaters.
  • Willow
    Large round aerial display that resembles the many thin branches hanging down from a weeping willow tree.