The last day to submit orders for shipping is Friday June 21, 2024.

We are pleased to announce in additonal to our Super Early Bird Sale, we are currently running an Overstock Special. OverStock items are discounted at 42% off list price. All OverStock items can be found on our websites Overstock category and are noted as OS on our price list.

All orders must be paid in full, picked up or shipped within 10 days after submission to avoid cancellation. Questions, please contact your sales representative.

* In stock items only. No pre-orders. All orders are subject to review. We reserve the right to adjust or limit quantities based on availability.
* All pricing, discounts and availability are subject to change based on the ever-changing logistical issues and delays facing consumer fireworks and all US imports.
* It is strongly recommended to place orders online and schedule a pickup day and time. Walk in orders may be subject to longer processing times. Please check your emails as our representatives will respond within 48 hours.

Terms and Conditions

Wholesale Fireworks Ordering Policies

  • You must be 18 years or older to purchase fireworks.

  • Case lot orders are available online; however, pieces can be purchased only at retail locations, with the exception of wedding sparklers.

  • Wholesale Fireworks CANNOT SHIP CONSUMER FIREWORKS to the following states: CA, DE, HI, MD, MA, NJ, OH, OR, PA, TN and VT.

  • Wholesale Fireworks CANNOT SHIP WEDDING SPARKLERS to California, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico or to a P.O. Box.

  • Shipping of approved consumer fireworks available for Connecticut, Minnesota and New York residents.

  • This product will be sold on the basis that the purchaser will use or resell in accordance with Federal, State and, Local laws.

  • Wholesale Fireworks has a $300.00 minimum order for shipping cases of consumer fireworks; there is no minimum order for purchasing cases at any Wholesale Fireworks retail outlet.

  • All shipments of consumer fireworks are by truck freight. The minimum freight charge is $150.00.

  • All shipments of wedding sparklers are via UPS Ground. There are no rush orders on sparklers. There is no "next day air", "2nd day air", etc.

  • Once your order has been completed, Wholesale Fireworks will receive your order via email. A representative from Wholesale Fireworks will contact you regarding product availability, shipping costs, and payment information. Your credit card will not be charged until a representative contacts you (nor should you send any form of payment until this time).

  • Prior to making an online consumer fireworks purchase, you MUST complete our Electronic Purchase Form or print and fill out the Purchasers Form located through a link on our home page of this website. Please print neatly.

  • Wholesale Fireworks reserves the right to correct any typographical errors which may have occured during preparation. Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Online consumer fireworks orders will not be processed July 1st through July 10th.

  • We will not ship consumer fireworks orders June 23rd through July 10th.

  • Wedding Sparkler orders will be processed throughout the year.

  • Due to COVID-19 supply interruptions and limitations, Wholesale Fireworks reserves the right to limit the number of cases ordered per item.

  • As of May 18, 2022 All Retail/Case Sales at our Hubbard, Niles & N. Canton brick and mortar locations are subject to an additional 4% Ohio Safety Tax Fee

    This 4% Safety Tax will not be applied to any shipping orders. It is only applicable to case pick up orders and retail sales.

    Please contact us at (800)-356-9626 or [email protected], and we will answer any questions you have.

Shipping Information

  • Freight Charges for Consumer Fireworks: All freight is priced on an individual order basis. A representative of Wholesale Fireworks will contact you with freight charges once we have received your order. Minimum freight charge is $150.00

  • Freight Charges for Wedding Sparklers: All freight is priced on an individual order basis with UPS Ground. A representative of Wholesale Fireworks will contact you with freight charges once we have received your order.

  • Additional Charges for Express Truck Freight.

  • All consumer fireworks shipments are by common carrier (truck freight). You must pick your order up at the truck terminal, or the order can be shipped to a business address. The freight company will contact you once your shipment has arrived at the terminal. You must pick your order up at the terminal within 24 hours of notification. The freight company will charge a holding fee for late pick-ups or a redelivery charge if shipping appointment is missed.

    We also offer residential delivery, but we need to verify a large semi truck can deliver to your residence. Additional freight costs applicable for residential delivery.

  • Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an e-mail regarding your order. Please contact your sales person for any additional questions that you may have.

  • Freight must be prepaid on all orders.

  • All Freight Quotes valid for 7 days. We reserve the right to re-freight if the order does not ship within those 7 days.

  • If your order will NOT ship within the 7 days but needs to be paid. The product will be charged on your order with the freight removed. Then we will re-freight and charge the new total once the order is ready to ship.

Payment Options

    • Wholesale Fireworks gladly accepts payments for purchases in the form of credit card, money order, or cashier's check.

Credit Card

    • Wholesale Fireworks accepts the following credit cards for payment:

      VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

    • If you're paying with Visa/MasterCard/Discover, Wholesale Fireworks requires a separate copy of the following items:

      Copy of your Drivers License

      Copy of the front & back of your credit card. *Note* Make sure the back of your credit card is signed.

      Printed Signature

      Written Signature

      Phone number

      Purchasers Form

    • Final order processing will take place once Wholesale Fireworks receives the required information listed above. Please fax this information to (330) 534-0427, or email the information to [email protected]

Money Orders/Cashier's Check

  • Please make money orders and cashier's checks payable to Wholesale Fireworks.

  • Please wait to send cashier's checks and money orders till we contact you with you're total.

Invoicing/ Tracking

  • Consumer firework invoices and freight tracking information will be emailed from [email protected].

  • Wedding sparkler invoices will be emailed from [email protected], freight tracking information will be emailed directly from UPS.

Damaged / Incorrect Items

  • If you receive an incorrect item, contact Wholesale Fireworks Monday thru Friday 9am to 4pm at 1-800-356-9626 to discuss this matter.

  • If there is extensive damage to the carton(s) during shipping, please have a representative of the freight company note the damaged product on the bill of lading. Please inform Wholesale Fireworks of the damaged goods, and we will aid you in the claim process.


  • Wholesale Fireworks does not accept returns due to the high cost of shipping fireworks. If there is a problem with an item, please contact Wholesale Fireworks Monday thru Friday 9am to 4pm at 1-800-356-9626 to discuss this matter.

Changing / Canceling Your Order

  • After you have clicked "Confirm Order," you cannot make any online changes to your order. If you would like to cancel your order, contact Wholesale Fireworks Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm at 1-800-356-9626 or you can email a notice of cancellation along with your order # to [email protected]