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Iowa Fireworks

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Wholesale Fireworks - Iowa Firework Laws

Iowa Wholesale Fireworks

Legal Requirements For Iowa

Bottle Rockets: Legally Allowed
Sky Rockets: Legally Allowed
Roman Candles: Legally Allowed
Firecrackers: Legally Allowed
Sparklers: Legally Allowed
Smoke and Punk: Legally Allowed
Fountains: Legally Allowed
Missiles: Legally Allowed
Novelties: Legally Allowed
Crackle and Strobe: Legally Allowed
Parachutes: Legally Allowed
Wheels and Spinners: Legally Allowed
Aerial Spinners: Legally Allowed
Display Shells: Legally Allowed
Aerial Items: Legally Allowed

Consumer Fireworks

Specifically Permitted:
First - class consumer fireworks (aerial shell kits and reloadable tubes; chasers; helicopter and aerial spinners; firecrackers; mine and shell devices; missile - type rockets; roman candles; sky rockets and bottle rockets; multiple tube devices manufactured in accordance with APA 87 - 1, section 3.5) and second - class consumer fireworks (cone fountains; cylindrical fountains; flitter sparklers; grand and hand - held sparkling devices, including multiple tube ground and hand held sparking devices that are manufactured in accordance with APA 87 - 1, section 3.5; ground spinners; illuminating torches; toy smoke devices that are not classified as novelties pursuant to APA 87 - 1, section 3.2; wheels and wire or dipped sparklers that are not classified as novelties pursuant to APA 87 - 1, section 3.2).

Specifically Prohibited:
None are specifically prohibited

All the information provided above is from American Pyro Association. Click here to read more.

Wholesale Fireworks put together this list in attempt to compile the relevant legal fireworks information for the State of Iowa. The state laws for fireworks change all the time, so it is possible that the information above may be out of date. Please verify the information presented here with the State Fire Marshal. Wholesale Fireworks has provided this information for convenience only, and is not responsible for errors, omissions, or inaccuracies that may be present in this data.