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Excelsior 3/1

Price: $47.56
Product ID : 12365
Manufacturer: AFW


Product is out of stock
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Product Details
Category: 500 gram repeater
Case Packing: 3 pieces per case
Number of Shots: 16 shots
Duration: 22 seconds (Average)
Type: Straight Fire
Effects: Crackling, Mines, Brocade crown, Glitter, Stars, Willow
Colors: Gold, White, Green, Blue, Silver
Finale: 4 shot
Retail Price: $60.00 per piece
Case Price: $47.56
Item Number: 12365
Manufacturer: AFW


Titanium crackling mines to: Brocade crown with white glitter; Brocade crown with green glitter; Brocade crown with blue stars. Four shot finale of titanium crackling mines to silver crackling willow with blue stars.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by jstanchos
jstanchos bought "Excelsior 3/1" on our website
12/30/2018 - 04:46:57 PM
This is a must, mine effect is full. This is a solid mid show piece.
Reviewed by mxothespade
mxothespade bought "Excelsior 3/1" on our website
08/29/2018 - 12:13:20 PM
Very solid
I really enjoyed this cake. The mines were beautiful. Solid product.
Reviewed by starvin_marvin
03/16/2016 - 02:11:08 PM
A Great Name and a Great Cake!!
Hard to believe that a cake this small has some very nice mines to go along with some very nice brocade breaks. It used to be where you had to get cakes like Mardi Gras Fiesta and Vegas Lights in order to get cakes with these effects. That's not the case anymore and what makes this cake even more impressive is that it's one of their more affordable cakes (you don't even have to pay half of what you would pay for a case of Mardi Gras Fiesta & Vegas Lights).

Plus, with the Early Bird discount, you can get 3 of these cakes for less than $10 each if you can get 40% off.

Pay for Pyro Indeed!!
Reviewed by mguerra
11/10/2015 - 03:57:25 PM
Excellent mine to break
I paired one of these with Paint the Sky on one cue, a very nice pairing. Pairing a straight up cake with a fanning or zippering cake gives a cool effect.