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2" AFW Assorted Tubes 12/1

Price: $44.40
Product ID : 22049
Manufacturer: AFW


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Product Details
Category: Assorted Cases
Sub-Category: Tube cases
Case Packing: 12 different tubes
Case Contents: 1 pc. Brocade To Red;
1 pc. Sky Blue Lemon Dahlia With White Strobe;
1 pc. Mine to White Strobe;
1 pc. Crackling;
1 pc. Red, Green, Blue Peony;
1 pc. Silver Spider;
1 pc. Green Chrysanthemum Silver Strobe Pistil;
1 pc. Silver Palm;
1 pc. Gold Palm With Green Strobe;
1 pc. Green Palm With Time Rain;
1 pc. Lemon Purple Peony With Green Strobe;
1 pc. Red Palm Blue Stars With White Strobe;
Case Price: $44.40
Retail Price: NA
Item Number: 22049
Manufacturer: AFW

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by PrivatePyle223
02/06/2018 - 06:10:53 PM
Nice sampler case!
Definitely a great way to sample all of their larger single shot tubes! I picked this up recently and will definitely get it again along with a couple cases of the Silver Spider, Silver palm, and sky blue& lemon Dahlia with white strobe.
$3.70 a tube is pretty cheap considering I've seen similar sized tubes and effects sold for $25 each! Worth it if you like single shots. Only thing I would suggest is don't order without this on your list!