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Power 13 Assortment 2/1

Price: $79.67
Product ID : 22063
Manufacturer: AFW


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Product Details
Category: Assorted Cases
Sub-Category: 500 Gram Repeaters
Case Packing: 2 pieces per case
Case Contents: 1 pc. Glittering Galaxy; 1 pc. Silky Sky
Case Price: $79.67
Item Number: 22063
Manufacturer: AFW
Glittering Galaxy:
Number of Shots: 40 shots
Duration: 25 seconds (Average)
Type: Angled
Effects: Glittering, Mines, Stars
Colors: White, Blue
Retail Price: $120.00 per piece
Silky Sky:
Number of Shots: 40 shots
Duration: 25 seconds (Average)
Type: Angled
Effects: Brocades, Mines, Palms
Colors: Gold, Blue
Retail Price: $120.00 per piece


500 gram repeater assortment containing:

Glittering Galaxy: 1 piece

White glitter and blue mines; White glitter and blue aerial mines; White glitter and blue star breaks. (Angled)

Silky Sky: 1 piece

Gold brocade mines; Blue mines to gold brocade palms. (Angled)


Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Pyro79
07/22/2019 - 09:54:10 PM
Just Perfect
I bought this case with the intention of shooting these cakes under a 100 shot mortar finale. It was amazing!! These cakes were perfect! They filled the sky and the crowd loved them! (I had a few people tell me they liked these two cakes MORE than all the mortars). I highly recommend this case.
Reviewed by meanfree
04/07/2018 - 05:21:14 PM
Gorgeous effects!!!
While the effects from these cakes are gorgeous on their own, do yourselves a favor and pair them with other items. If you can swing it, shoot 2 Glittering Galaxy (in front and separated by 20-30 feet) with a case of Diamond Sky (6) and 2 cases of Daisy Diamonds (4) behind it. You’ll have to fuse it correctly to match up the timing though, as they are a bit different. Turned into the most gorgeous glitter/strobe finale you’ll ever see. It’s still the talk of the show!!! And I paired 2 Silky Sky with a case of Cascade. Same firing times, so it was hardly any work. You can thank me later.
Reviewed by bozie8823
02/03/2015 - 09:00:29 PM
Glittering Galaxy Misperformer
I'm imagining I got a bad batch when I purchased. My Glittering Galaxy looked MUCH more like Silky sky's charcoal based tiger tail (orangeish hue) with blue tipped stars. To boot...every row was the same effect. It didn't even HAVE the strobing falling leaves!!!! (huge bust!) I'm sure this is an isolated batch as everyone seems to love it and no one else has complained...

Just really threw me a curve ball come my 4th of july pyromusical. See video here ( Glittering Galaxy's are at 9:55 (show starts @ 8:28).
Reviewed by mguerra
12/16/2014 - 02:10:18 PM
I accidentally shot Silky Sky with two flanking Flaming Dragon, at 13:17 in this video:
That was a great miscue, it looked super. My product looked a bit different than the video here on WFB.There is a LOT of WFB product in this vid, BTW. But the camera was a little far back so the product was actually more impressive than the video captured. Including one Silky Sky shot by itself.
Reviewed by tinymaggets
06/27/2014 - 11:44:53 AM
Casccade II
I didn't purchase these. Was only interested in Glittering Galaxy. Only wanted the 16 shots of white glitter that had a horsetail effect. GG should be sold separately. Or (no "but" this time) the designers at WF could put together a cake. With just this effect. Name it Cascade II. Keeping in mind they take a long time to get "stale". LOL Be Safe, mike
Reviewed by FrankBroughton
03/13/2014 - 05:42:30 PM
Love both of these... hope they stay in the lineup for some time.
Reviewed by editty
07/07/2013 - 10:10:27 PM
Great fan cakes. Good for variety. Both performed very well
Reviewed by r3dwolf
07/07/2013 - 12:21:52 PM
Both of these got lots of oohs and ahhs from the crowd! Silky Sky got allot of nervous fidgeting from the crew. Don't shoot silky sky if there's even the slightest concern about grass fires due to dryness. All those beautiful orange fans were still burning when they got to the ground. We've had two weeks straight of rain before the show, (you should see the weeds. >.
Reviewed by Raymond
07/06/2013 - 12:55:11 AM
good performers
I fired these separately on two different boards. Silky Sky definitely out performed Glittering Galaxy. It took everyone by surprise since most people expect only a high 500g sky burst. I will not be purchasing these again since they do require a lot of space. The gold mine effect of Silky Sky rains a lot of embers.
Reviewed by guido
07/05/2013 - 01:46:56 PM
Awesome Effects!
I shot both of the pieces together with 2 other random 500gram cakes that just had regular breaks. I'm always a little iffy when it comes to purchasing cakes that are mainly just effects, but let me just say looked SPECTACULAR! Both of the cake effects together were simply amazing and won the crowd over. The spread and kick of the mines with the glittering effect was stunning. Will definitely be purchasing this again next year, "no doubt about it". I suggest this assortment to everyone!
Just remember though, whatever what you decide to do with them, just make sure you shoot them both together for max awesomeness!