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Power 9 Assortment 2/1

Price: $59.99
Product ID : 22057
Manufacturer: AFW


Product is out of stock
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Product Details
Category: Assorted Cases
Sub-Category: 500 Gram Repeaters
Case Packing: 2 pieces per case
Case Contents: 1 pc. Wrong Turn; 1 pc. Road Block
Case Price: $59.99
Item Number: 22057
Manufacturer: AFW
Wrong Turn:
Number of Shots: 9 shots
Duration: 36 seconds (Average)
Type: Straight Fire
Effects: Waves
Colors: Purple, Green, Blue, Red
Finale: 3 shot
Retail Price: NA
Road Block:
Number of Shots: 9 shots
Duration: 34 seconds (Average)
Type: Straight Fire
Effects: Waves
Colors: Purple, Green, Red, Blue
Finale: 3 shot
Retail Price: NA


500 gram repeater assortment containing:

Wrong Turn: 1 piece

2 inch- Purple and green waves, blue and red waves, red and green waves. Three shot finale.

Road Block: 1 piece

2 inch- Purple, green, red and blue waves. Quickened final three shots.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by hutch_w
07/06/2015 - 11:07:22 PM
Both pieces in this case performed worse than the video. The breaks only had one to four color pearls when they burst. Maybe mine were lemons. The only plus is that they were loud like a small salute. Would only purchase to add filler and noise in a finale.
Reviewed by mccomasstef
02/21/2015 - 01:54:01 AM
Wrong Turn over Road Block any day
These are some good 2" 9 shots I like to see NOAB's that aren't as high priced as the 3" versions. I know the burst isn't quite the same as bigger brothers but darn if the thud out of the tube isn't the same. It's hard to tell that these aren't a 3" until you see them in the sky but for the price they are priced accordingly as well. Keep the Pay for Pyro not paper products coming out. I don't need some flashy artwork as long as the performance sells me I'll keep buying. Shooooot wrap them in brown paper and call it a brown box special I'll bite on it at least once.
Reviewed by n3oqo
07/31/2014 - 08:01:31 PM
HUGE breaks
I fused these two together and sent them up in the middle of 76 shells quick fused. The huge breaks in the mix made it! Two cases next year.
Reviewed by editty
07/07/2013 - 10:16:15 PM
Great Buy!
These were great for the price! Not much else to say, i will buy again next year for sure as long as the price is right
Reviewed by r3dwolf
07/07/2013 - 11:57:23 AM
Great case!
Both of these NOABs have good breaks with lots of authority. Even at the lowest case discount levels, still a bargain for what you're getting.
Reviewed by meanfree
04/15/2012 - 01:46:41 AM
Absolutely amazing assortment here! And dirt cheap for the quality and performance. Great thud out of the tubes, loud bangs, and HUGE breaks! Compare these 2 any of the other 9-shot cakes they offer, and these are just as good as any of them!!! Then, compare the prices. This assortment is at least $25 cheaper than the other 9-shot cases. So what are you waiting for?!?!