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Mars Rocket 24/6

Price: $199.99
Product ID : 04190


Product is out of stock
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Retail Price: 1 PC- $30.00

Contains: 6 rockets

Performance: 27 inch assorted rockets with effects including: Silver strobing willow, Brocade crown to red stars, Gold glittering with blue stars, Silver crackling with green stars, Red palm to crackling and red, green and blue stars.

Pay for Pyro Not Paper version!

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by TexAg007
07/08/2020 - 06:25:25 PM
After going through two boxes of these rockets, we stopped lighting them. Over half of the ones we lit exploded immediately after the rockets fired, just a few feet off the ground. I've seen many videos of these rockets where they performed well, so I had high expectations for them. I was very disappointed with the items I received. On a positive note, I will say that the effects are quite impressive when they're happening right in front of your face.
Reviewed by CBennion007
01/09/2020 - 03:52:13 AM
they're loud but really inconsistent, I had some never leave the tube and there was huge variance in performance from rocket to rocket, overall however I did enjoy lighting these.
Reviewed by mxothespade
mxothespade bought "Mars Rocket 24/6" on our website
08/29/2018 - 12:03:26 PM
Mission to Mars
Grabbed a case of these rockets after reading previous reviews. I was not disappointed. Excellent rockets. These have great lift and great effects. Planning to get more in the future.
Reviewed by uncy
07/11/2017 - 10:14:53 PM
Nice rockets.
Best rockets I've ever bought. High, loud,huge breaks. Made a rocket rail and set off 120 in 2 2/2 secounds. Nice. People thought it was a finale.
Reviewed by n3oqo
07/08/2015 - 06:12:32 PM
To Mars!
The height is incredible. Tried these for the first time this year. We launched a few packs of these out of a vertical old clothes line pipe and they soared and soared. Very nice breaks and intense reports.
Reviewed by mccomasstef
06/23/2014 - 09:55:31 PM
Its not a mortar shell people its a ROCKET
As previous reviewer's mentioned these are by far the best effects I've seen from a rocket thats not over priced. I can't believe I've been buying wf boom products over the years and never tried these. I've tried rocket assortments in the past and was disappointed with the overall performance but these caught me by surprise. I saw the video and read reviews then added them to my list. Once I lite one I heard the tremendous lift and was anticipating the final effect but it still caught me by surprise. I still can't get over the performance from these rockets its very compairable to a great 1.75" egg shell. Awsome, Awsome work guys with these big stick rockets. Forget about the rocket bags for now on I will be buying these.
Reviewed by starvin_marvin
06/09/2014 - 05:59:25 AM
The Best Rockets That I Ever Shot Off!!
If WF Boom's motto is "Pay for Pyro," then the Mars Rocket is one of the best examples on how WF Boom runs its business off of that motto. As a previous poster said, the packaging is not ideal for a rocket this good, but then again, most rockets that are manufactured to look big and powerful, along with an eye catching superficial design, are almost always cheaply made sky rockets with small breaks and weak reports that are sold for 4-5 times what they're actually worth. The Mars Rocket is a great example of how an average looking sky rocket is actually the best item in the sky rocket aisle. This is why I love WF Boom over any other store, because they don't try to put emphasis on the superficial aspect of a product. Instead, they put emphasis on the product itself and its performance. Pay for Pyro Indeed!!
Reviewed by mjpike
11/07/2013 - 03:28:25 PM
Pay for pyro is right. Unimpressive packaging hides great rockets that fly high, have great color and assorted effects, and loud report!
Reviewed by sweetdaddy
08/08/2013 - 09:18:02 PM
oh my gosh
The biggest rockets yet, these things get wayyyyy up there and have some massive breaks,all together probably one of my favorite products.
Reviewed by RobThePyroManiac
07/02/2013 - 12:21:58 PM
Best Rockets Yet
If you want a high-flying rocket with a big, loud break, get these. I was impressed with the video, and even more impressed when I shot one off. You literally will get a big bang for your buck, too.