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Cascade 4/1

Price: $119.99
Product ID : 12085
Manufacturer: AFW


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Product Details
Category: 500 gram repeater
Case Packing: 4 pieces per case
Number of Shots: 20 shots
Duration: 21 seconds (Average)
Type: Straight Fire
Effects: Waterfall
Colors: Gold
Retail Price: $95.00 per piece
Case Price: $119.99 per piece
Item Number: 12085
Manufacturer: AFW


500 gram repeater with awesome waterfall effects ending with extra large golden stars. Shoots four shots at a time.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Pyro79
07/07/2021 - 07:41:39 PM
A Personal Favorite
I've been using this cake for years in my shows. I love it! It's one of my favorite cakes of all time. This year I used three together with angles...right, middle, left....as usual my crowd cheered. This is not a "Big Break" / Huge Sounding cake - This is a "finesse" cake. It adds a little sophistication to your show. Awesome waterfall effect. I will continue to buy it as long as it's made.
Reviewed by KAWMAN
KAWMAN bought "Cascade 4/1" on our website
02/01/2020 - 10:18:32 AM
Totally love the waterfall effects.
I’ve fired these in several of my shows over the years so the WOW factor
for me has faded. But it’s a great ‘ calming ‘ piece to set
up ‘ heavier ‘ fire. The crowd and especially my wife love it so it stays !
Reviewed by dipthekid
07/09/2019 - 01:33:21 PM
Awesome effect
Love this cake. The horse tails are magical. Shot them with a Willow beach and was a perfect combination. They are also nice to shoot above lower level cakes. Crowd loved them! I was impressed with the strong saturated gold color.
Reviewed by KAWMAN
KAWMAN bought "Cascade 4/1" on our website
01/31/2019 - 02:18:41 PM
Bummed it's sold out.
This was def one of my favs over the years and nothing else seems to come close in terms of effects and affordability. The wife really liked this one too.
Seems that others liked it a lot as well, so why is it not back??
Reviewed by cardere09
07/16/2017 - 03:01:25 PM
Literally the most talked about cake at my show!
I shot a whole case off at once for my false finale and I've never gotten such a reaction. These are not for the sound, but for the waterfall effect. Simply beautiful cake. I will be using at least 2 cases next year.
Reviewed by n3oqo
06/20/2016 - 02:18:05 PM
Kick your show up a notch with these. Got a case last year, just ordered two for this year. I plan on mounting them on plywood at slight angles, with pearl zipper cakes in front. Nice and soft, adds a break to the show, before you continue on with boom. My wife's favorite AFW cake....I WIN!!! HEH, must have.
Reviewed by tinymaggets
07/11/2014 - 01:18:36 AM
5 Stars
After testing if you read my other reviews. It doesn't matter where or in which direction the breaks are. I'm going to end "The show" with 48 of them. Put in fans (12 shot) and all breaking in about 1.5 seconds. Once I was done with single shot testing. I realized a "mass" quantity is the only way to go. Cascade is a must get. (even if you don't speed it up) I hope the next shipment preforms as well as the first! I'm sure the fine people at WFB wouldn't even think about increasing the price. Since they disappointed so many with SOLD OUT. Maybe knock off a buck or ten. (we the "few" know what we paid). I like Cascade a lot. Be Safe, mike
Reviewed by tinymaggets
06/28/2014 - 12:04:43 PM
Be Safe
I forgot to end my sold out review with that. Since I have the floor. The Silver Flying Fish 200 G is not shown on WF's web site.. To bad SFF was one of the best. With a little customizing of course. Having 25 shots it is kind of slow.. All you have do is split cake into groups of 5.. Put in a slight fan spread. Fuse so all 5 row lite together. The result is very nice. Lots of fish all over the place. One important thing to watch out for. Some of the fish act like kamikazes. They came 8-10 feet of the ground.. This happened a lot in cold weather testing. Be Safe, mike
Reviewed by tinymaggets
06/26/2014 - 03:05:22 PM
That's unforgiveable weeks before the 4th. Reminds me when I was in charge of the bread ordering. At the food store I worked. It was pointed out to me that "if you don't stale any you could of sold more". Seams me it takes quite some time for fireworks. TO GET STALE! Fun to give the fine people at WF a shot now and then. Keeps em on their toes. Cascade preforms nicely as the video shows. But in my testing a few of the breaks, were somewhat lacking. Perhaps some of the effect charge didn't lite. I do like this cake very much.. I rate it 4 stars. Cascade could get a 5 if all the breaks were in the same direction. Then I could put them where I want them.